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NOVEMBER 13-14, 2021

Discover the potential of blockchain technology and learn to unleash the power of data at the BSV
DevCon 2021!

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Second Chinese-language BSV DevCon 2021 By the Numbers


Key Speakers

Yang Dong

Yang Dong

"Yangtze River Scholar" Distinguished Professor of the Ministry of Education Executive Dean, Blockchain Research Institute, Renmin University of China

Yang Dong is a "Yangtze River Scholar" Distinguished Professor of the Ministry of Education, who has been serving in a variety of other rules including as member of the Education Commission for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Ministry of Education, Executive Dean of the Blockchain Research Institute of Renmin University of China, Director of the Research Center for Financial Technology and Internet Security of Renmin University of China, member of the Legal Work Committee and Finance Committee of the National People's Congress "Securities Law" and "E-commerce Law" legislative group expert advisory group and task force, digital currency consultant of the United Nations International Telecommunications Union, member of the Fifth Plenary Session of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Office, expert member of the National Engineering Laboratory of Big Data Circulation of the National Development and Reform Commission, member of the Blockchain Special Committee of the China Communications Industry Association of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, member of the Digital Economy Expert Group of the Central Cyberspace Administration of China, and standing member of the Blockchain Special Committee of the China Computer Federation (CCF).

Yuan Yong

Yuan Yong

Professor, School of Mathematics, Renmin University of China
Director, Technical Committee on Blockchain, Chinese Association on Automation

Yuan Yong is a professor of Renmin University of China. His main research field is blockchain technology. In recent years, he has published more than 150 academic papers and 4 monographs. He also won 8 best/excellent paper awards (all as the first author), and received the "Young Scientist Award" of the Chinese Society of Automation. He is currently the director of Blockchain Specialty Committee of the Chinese Society of Automation, the co-chair of the Blockchain Technical Committee of the IEEE SMC Society, and the vice chairman of the IFAC Economic, Commercial and Financial System Specialty Committee.

Lise Li

Lise Li

Ms. Li Huizi currently works as Head of BSV Hub - China at Bitcoin Association and CEO of Keyi Tech. She graduated from the school of finance of the University of International Business And Economics (UIBE). Before entering the blockchain industry, she has many years of e-commerce experience and has a deep understanding of blockchain technology and business prospects. She is dedicated to advancing BSV blockchain technology and business applications in China, and participating in industry conferences and activities on behalf of the Association.

Lin Zheming

Lin Zheming

Founder & CEO, Mempool & DotWallet

Graduated from Department of Economics, Renmin University of China, Lin Zhemin is a former employee of, Apple and Baidu. He has extensive experience in Internet product designing and marketing in the booming Chinese market. In 2011, he started getting in touch with Bitcoin mining, and later founded the Mempool mining pool and DotWallet to manage the wallet. He has been the ambassador of the Bitcoin Association in China since 2019, and has been a founding member of the BSV Technical Standards Committee since June 2020.

Zhang Feng

Zhang Feng

Zhang Feng is Partner of V&T Law Firm, Director of V&T Digital Legal Professional Committee, concurrently serving as a think tank expert of Shanghai Blockchain Technology Association, Vice President and Executive Secretary of the Shanghai Blockchain Technology Association Legal Professional Committee at Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, a visiting professor and a part-time master's tutor of the Environmental Resources and Energy Law Research Center, as well as Tencent's blockchain business legal adviser.

Wei Zhang

Wei Zhang

Senior Researcher, nChain

Skilled Researcher in Blockchain with a PhD in Cryptography from Royal Holloway, University of London.Strong Mathematical background with First Class from Trinity College, University of Cambridge. Experienced Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in FinTech and Financial Services.Aspiring Developer with an understanding in Disciplined Agile Framework and Continuous Integration.Enthusiastic tutor in science subjects at all levels.

He Rongqiang

He Rongqiang

Associate Professor, Blockchain Institute, Renmin University of China
Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Renmin University of China

He Rongqiang is an Associate Professor, Doctoral Supervisor and Distinguished Scholar of Renmin University of China. His main research fields are blockchain technology, machine learning, and quantum multi-body computing. He graduated from Zhu Kezhen College of Zhejiang University with a bachelor's degree in physics, received a PhD in Physics from Renmin University of China, and worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Tsinghua University Institute for Advanced Study. In 2018, he began to study blockchain technology and opened a blockchain course at Renmin University of China to provide students with basic knowledge and cutting-edge applications of blockchain technology.

David Chen

David Chen

Former member of China Red Hacker Alliance, David Chen is one of the founders of the famous cryptocurrency related Eagle Community, and currently serves as CSDN (Changsha) CTO, and is a domestic first-class cryptography expert, security technology expert, and software architect.

Craig S. Wright

Craig S. Wright

Chief Scientist, nChain

Dr. Wright is the world-renowned Chief Scientist at nChain. He works full-time to foster the wide-scale adoption of Bitcoin, both as a system of electronic cash and commodity money, as well as a transformative technology platform.

Wang Yiqiang

Wang Yiqiang

Co-founder & CTO, sCrypt

A serial entrepreneur and technology practitioner in the Internet industry, Wang Yiqiang's main work areas include mobile Internet, financial technology and blockchain. Currently, he is the co-founder of the sCrypt project, which is committed to providing a high-level smart contract languages and a set of development tools and services for BSV application developers. Past experience includes: member of the founding team of mobile Internet data service provider Umeng; co-founder and former CTO of Fintech infrastructure service provider KTJR Finance; co-founder of ContentBox, a public chain in the field of digital content.

Sunny Fung

Sunny Fung

Founder & CEO, ShowPay

One of the initiators of the MetaID program, Sunny Fung has over 20 years of programming experience and 3 years of blockchain industry experience. Having a keen sense of technology and business, multiple successful entrepreneurial experiences, and a cumulative venture capital of several hundred million yuan, right now, the main business of his company is to build MetaID infrastructure and a series of applications, including,, etc.

Ye Lin

Ye Lin

Partner & Operations Director, Mempool & DotWallet

He joined the blockchain field in 2012 and has more than ten years of experience in Internet product design and operation. He has successively worked in Fengling Chuangjing, Qingchuang Future, Xingwang Ruijie and served as product architect, product director and other positions. Currently participating in the construction and promotion of Boquan Hash's products.

Alex Qin

Alex Qin

President, Blockchain Association of USTC Students
Doctoral Candidate, USTC (University of Science and Technology of China)

A doctoral candidate of University of Science and Technology of China and member of G20YEA Elite Program Alex Qun's main research direction is blockchain, multi-modal artificial intelligence. He led the team to develop projects such as "Cold Shield Walker" and "Volute Gang" based on blockchain technology, and won the Anhui Internet + Gold Award and the Anhui Challenge Cup Gold Award.

Steve Shadders

Steve Shadders

Technical Director, BSV Infrastructure Team

Steve Shadders has been involved in Bitcoin infrastructure since early 2011. As one of the first authors of open-source mining pool software “PoolServerJ,” he was at the forefront of driving scaling concerns from day one. Today, Steve is the CTO at nChain and is the Technical Director of the BSV Infrastructure Team. In this role, he contributes his ecosystem-wide perspective to support building the mining and UX infrastructure of Bitcoin SV and making it accessible as an enterprise business tool offering immutable audit features at scale that only a public blockchain can provide.

Aaron Zhou

Aaron Zhou

Technical Outreach Specialist, BSV Hub - China

Aaron Zhou is an experienced backend developer, working IBM's R&D center in China, focusing on enterprise service architecture, DevSecOps and blockchain technology. Also an independent BSV developer, with a deep understanding of Bitcoin protocol, great experience in Bitcoin development. Zhou has several development attempts on the Bitcoin SV network so far, including Webot, BlueSV(AQI), SVCafe, etc.

Zheng Hongfeng

Zheng Hongfeng

Smart Contract Developer, sCrypt

Zheng Hongfeng used to develop applications for Android and Windows platforms on vivo mobile phones. In 2018, he came into contact with the blockchain and came to deeply believe in its potential, including its ability to promote social progress. Currently, he is working as a smart contract development engineer in the sCrypt team. sCrypt is committed to providing blockchain application developers with a set of high-level smart contract development languages, development tools and related services.

Rachel Tsang

Rachel Tsang

COO, ShowPay

Having worked for New York Times, Uber Beijing and other well-known companies, Rachel Tsang entered blockchain industry with the title of Senior Operations Manager in, leading the team to witness the growth of users from 3 million to 6 million, accumulating rich experience in blockchain project operation. As COO of ShowPay Limited now, she is dedicated to promoting MetaID technology to 7 billion people around the world.

Kervin Chen

Kervin Chen

Developer, Bitcell

Kervin Chen is currently a full-stack developer with Bitcell. With more than 6 years of front-end and back-end development experience as well as more than 2 years of blockchain development experience, he participated in the development of the Xiao Cong platform series of mini games. Currently, Kervin Chen is responsible for the development of the SDK of the induction contract and the browser BlockCheck.

Sessions from Bitcoin SV DevCon 2021

Opening remarks

Professor Yang Dong began by welcoming and thanking the audience for participating in the event, before giving a brief introduction to the Blockchain Research Institute of Renmin University of China. The university has been putting a great deal of importance on the research and development of blockchain technology.

He also spoke about the widespread effects of blockchain on a variety of industries and the need to cultivate expertise to enable these applications.

Building an honest data network with blockchain

Lise Li is Head of BSV China Hub and CEO of Keyi Tech. She advised people to put aside prejudices and preconceptions before trying to understand what real blockchain technology can do for the world. She then compared the advantages of using a blockchain to record data with many other data recording methods in human history.

"Being infinitely scalable and fast, BSV supports full-featured scripting languages and smart contracts with ultra-low transaction fees, and it is very stable and secure," she told the audience, explaining why BSV is the ideal choice for blockchain developers around the world.

Joint press conference: CSDN Blockchain Engineer Qualification Program

BSV Blockchain and CSDN have partnered to launch the CSDN Blockchain Engineer Qualification Programme, a new initiative aimed at fostering opportunities for blockchain developers.

The CSDN Blockchain Engineer Qualification Programme has been designed with this concept in mind, and its assessment criteria are based around the development of blockchain applications that run on the underlying infrastructure of the BSV blockchain. The programme evaluates four major modules: basic concepts, fundamental principles, development skills and blockchain infrastructure. Each module has three levels (entry, middle and advanced). More information can be found in

Roundtable discussion: Talent cultivation in the blockchain industry

On the first day of the conference, three speakers joined this roundtable discussion by discussing the status quo and future of talent development in the blockchain industry.

Alex Qin, Member of the G20YEA Program and President of the Blockchain Association of Student Union at the University of Science and Technology of China, spoke about his own personal experience as a blockchain enthusiast.

Compliance frameworks for decentralised blockchain applications

Zhang Feng, Partner at V&T Law Firm, firstly introduced in detail what a decentralised application is and its compliance framework. Then he explained the relationship between NFTs and smart contracts and the different dimensions of NFTs.

The currencyless paradigm of public blockchains

Lin Zheming, Founder and CEO of Mempool & DotWallet, spoke about what makes a blockchain application better and why blockchain technology is important.

Blockchain and quantum technology - the past, present and future

Professor Yuan Yong from Renmin University of China spoke about the origin of blockchain and explored the new technology behind Bitcoin. He began by introducing the basic concept of quantum before moving on to the impact of quantum computing on blockchain cryptography. Then he spoke about the impact of Shor's algorithm and Grover's algorithm on blockchain, the current research and practice of quantum communication and the outlook on future research.

Security, flexibility, and low cost: a new architecture for certificate management based on the BSV blockchain

Wei Zhang, nChain Senior Researcher, is dedicated to the academic research of blockchain, blockchain technology patent development and application development. In his speech, he spoke about the concept of Atomic Verification and looked at certificate management on the BSV blockchain.

Metanet: The next generation Internet built on blockchain

Sunny Fung, Founder of ShowPay and Initiator of MetaID Solution, introduced the Metanet, which he called the next generation of the blockchain-based Internet.

He told the audience that the Metanet is the Internet that can satisfy all the wonderful imaginings people have about blockchain technology, and that Metanet is not a vision, not a future state, but a present state in progress.

Build future-oriented applications using smart contracts

Wang Yiqiang, Co-founder of sCrypt, introduced the sCrypt smart contract language. First, he spoke about the history of blockchain smart contracts and pointed out that smart contracts can reduce the cost of execution and improve security performance. He also demonstrated an example of an sCrypt smart contract: Decentralized Machine Learning Competition Marketplace.

The price of consensus and trust

He Rongqiang, associate professor and doctoral advisor at Renmin University of China delivered a speech entitled "The Cost of Consensus and Trust". He explained that there was a long-standing misconception that proof-of-work-based mining is not suitable for commercial applications because of the large amount of wasted resources and the long lead time required to reach consensus.

Fireside chat: The Bitcoin whitepaper - records of history

Dr. Craig S. Wright, Chief Scientist of nChain, and Steve Shadders, Technical Director of the BSV Infrastructure Team had an in-depth conversation around the Bitcoin white paper.

With the theme of the conference being "Building an Integrity Data Network with Blockchain," Craig and Steve discussed the true value and evolution of blockchain.

Introduction to BSV blockchain infrastructure software and tools

In Sub-forum One, which was themed around Public Blockchain Infrastructure and Development Tools, Aaron Zhou, a software engineer in the BSV Infrastructure team, spoke about Merkle trees and Merkle proofs, the standardised format of Merkle proofs, payment verification, and block-headers-client changes.

The layering and evolution of public chain infrastructure

In Sub-forum One, which was themed around Public Blockchain Infrastructure and Development Tools, Lin Zheming, Founder and CEO of Mempool & DotWallet, spoke about the core value of the BSV blockchain and the importance of tracing privacy protection.

Development of tic-tac-toe game based on sCrypt smart contracts

In Sub-forum One, which was themed around Public Blockchain Infrastructure and Development Tools, Zheng Hongfeng, a smart contract developer at sCrypt Inc., gave an in-depth introduction to sCrypt, a smart contract scripting language for the BSV blockchain.

DotWallet: Create a new model of corporate marketing

In Sub-forum Two, which was themed around Blockchain Application Development and Examples, Ye Lin, Partner and Operation Director of FMempool & DotWallet introduced the innovative card pack service, an application built on the BSV blockchain.

NFTonShow: The future of digital life with a universal NFT service

In Sub-forum Two, which was themed around Blockchain Application Development and Examples, Rachel Tsang, Operation Director of ShowPay Limited, introduced the vision of NFTOnShow and its first business application: MetaBot.

Introduction to induction contract development tools and development resources

In Sub-forum Two, which was themed around Blockchain Application Development and Examples, Kervin Chen, a developer at Bitcell, introduced a traceable and collaborative BSV blockchain smart contract framework based on feature recognition: Sensible Contract.

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